- Tuesday, February 05, 2008 -
The Realms of Aegis began back in, what was it, May of 2006 I think. I drew a few pages with no story in mind, just for fun. And then realized how little I knew about comic craft. I posted them online, a few people liked the idea, most admittedly didn’t. But I went ahead and drew a few more pages.

In a months time I had tons of text written out for the story, and knew where I wanted to go with it. I had sketches of the people, ideas of places, it just got out of control in my head. So I set out, with Finwik at my side, to get this thing done. I mostly wanted to learn something, and had no plans for the comic to become such a major part of my life. I just wanted to draw a comic, and be able to flip back and see how I’ve grown as an artist and story teller.

You’ll be able to see changes in the art often. I drew one page a week, over the span of years, so some weeks my art was bad, some weeks better, some months I was studying hard and my art was more realistic, and some months it was more cartoon-like. It is hard to keep a consistency over the span of so much time, something else I am learning about.

I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve go so much more to learn. I’m not always pleased with pages, and hate when real life stuff messes up my schedule and a page has to be rushed or doesn’t get the extra attention it needs. I’ve only been late on updates twice so far, once while we were without power for over a month, and one other time when there was trouble in my neighborhood and I didn’t have time for anything else but house shopping. That is a long and painful story there. I also had some health issues but for the most part they shouldn’t slow me down again for a while. In any event, things are back on track now, and I hope to get the story done in a year’s time.

Thanks - Hyptosis