Undine Characters

Elana Torz (Eh-lan-ah Torz)
Daughter of a cruel and powerful Undine, Elana is nothing like her father. She is honest and quiet, but also strong. She has distanced herself from her father and spends most of her time alone by the river or with her close friends Ricket and Brond.

Latu Torz (Lah-too Torz)
Elana’s father is the general of the Northern Undine Army, arguably the strongest army in the water domain. Ruthless and cunning, he cares only about his work and his position within the realm of the Jinn of water. He is as powerful a politician as he is a warrior and mage. He is a feared man.

Paran Kune (Pah-ron Koon)
Paran is a Undine sellsword that lends his services only to the Ifrit. He hunts his own people for profit and is seen as the worst kind of enemy to all Undine. He is cold, professional, and quiet relying as much on his devious plots as he does his sword arm.

Avatis Clarion (Ah-vot-tis Klare-eon)
Avatis is the son of the southern most General of the Undine military. Unlike his father he is kind and honest, and cares a great deal for every soldier under his command. He is a loyal warrior to his people and his lands, and truly believes that they can do good in the world once they can win the war and regain their lands and rule the other races. He truly believes war to be the correct path to peace, but he does want peace and the war to be ended.

Aculeo Fabia (Ah-cue-lee-oh Fahb-ee-ah)
Also known as Songbird, Aculeo was a member of the famed assassins of the Tannerine, or ‘blue blade’. They were powerful tools of the government until the council deemed them dishonest and marked them for death. This was around the time the council became less corrupt itself and made better decisions such as freeing their slaves and giving aid to the low class citizens. The undine were finally deciding to lead by example, and somehow worked into this ‘example’ was the slaying of the entire Tannerine order and the burning of their tower to the ground.

Little more is known about the Tannerine order as their books and cloaks were burned, and their swords melted down. No one is entirely sure why they were marked for death rather than just disbanded, but regardless of all of this Songbird somehow survived.

He now lives his remaining days working for Latu Torz in secret, and keeping as low a profile as he can.

Tuditanu (Tude-eh-tahn-oh)
Tuditanu was a sculptor in the city of Undine city of Celp before the Ifrit destroyed it. The city wasn’t as good a strategic point as the Ifrit had hoped, and they gave up trying to hold it. The Undine never tried to revive Celp, so it remains forever a ruined land, and Tuditanu’s home. He and his stone guardian reside there alone, waiting for old age to take him.

He helped Capp and Jasper tremendously by setting Jasper’s broken arm and hurt shoulder, and mending Capp’s and his dog’s wounds, regardless of the fact they were from the kingdom that destroyed his home.

Tybalt (Tib-ahlt)
Tybalt is an undine member of Marias. He prides himself a ladies man and lays claims to his conquering of many a female body over the years. Other than his obvious shortcomings, he isn’t such a bad guy. Just a bit shallow and maybe a tad more in love with himself than he should be.

Ifrit Characters

Rook (Rook)
A charming, playful Ifrit with no responsibilities or family ties, Rook is well-rounded and resourceful. He cares nothing for war or the ambitions of the Jinn of flame. For fun, he joined a band of harmless thieves who live similar lives in hopes for good times, however things got a little out of control.

He also has these dreams, but that is another topic all togethor.

Jasper (Jas-pur)
Jasper is the leader of a small group of thieves. He is a strong and honest, and enjoys jokes and making light of serious situations. He always tries to do the right thing and doesn’t always realize the respect and admiration the other members have for him. He acts as if he's everyone's big brother.

Something bad happened to him in the past, but no one has ever braved asking him about it directly.

Capp (Kap)
Distracted and usually relaxed, Capp is an Ifrit who often doesn’t know what’s going on. He jokes constantly, but unlike his friend Jasper, he doesn’t realize the seriousness of situations: he’s always far too calm and often under-reacts. He has a close friend that goes by the name of 'Hoice'.

Mr. Calmbler (Kalm-blur)
Mr. Calmber is a political figure in the domain of fire with a secret penchant for committing evil deeds. He wears a smile easily, hiding his cruelty behind his kind facade. He possesses great influence and power within the Jinn of flame’s realm and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty as long as he can hide it. It is a secret to the public, but he's quite mad.

Vineth Ratt (Vin-eth Rat)
Vineth was the last mercenary hired by the Noxia to slay the white serpent living in the western mountains. The serpent had stolen a religous artifact from the Noxia and they demanded the items return. The beast had previously dispatched entire squads of hired mercs, but Ratt promised he could do the job single-handedly.

No one is sure how he did it, but two weeks later he returned with the amulet, and wounds on his arm and chest. He mended well, almost without a mark, causing many to wonder if the legends were true. It is said the person who slays the last living white serpent gains powers divine in nature. Whether or not this is the case is unknown to all save Ratt himself.

Sadat (Sah-dot)
Sadat is a man of his word and always does what he is hired to do. He has only worked for a few employers throughout his career, but none of them were once unhappy with his loyalty and skill. He separates himself from his work in a very interesting way in order to keep from bringing his work home to his family.

Tacklebox is the apprentice of The Shaman. He met The Shaman through Sadat after being saved by Sadat from a gang of Mop Tops. He feels he owes everything to Sadat for him having saved his life.

The Shaman
The Shaman is fairly shrouded in mystery and manages to keep it that way. Quite a task in a city were nothing is secret. Even with his abilities to cure the sick and foresee the future, he still remains open to the highest bidder and lives a life without remorse. He is simply a mercenary with the powers of a blessed saint. His personal motives are as much a mystery as he is himself.

Eganzi (Ee-gone-zee)
Eganzi is second in command in the crew of Marias. They are traveling story tellers, performers, magicians, and traders. They live on the move and avoid conflict as best as they can.

Eganzi is from the Ifrit city of Erigison and has worked hard to avoid being a part of the war efforts of the Ifrit nation. He is a powerful illusionist but chooses to only use his abilities for entertainment whenever possible.

Calicoe (Cal-leh-ko)
Calicoe is the leader of Marias’ crew and an all around good guy. He is serious when he needs to be, and laid back when he needs to be. He knows how to talk to people, and works very hard to always, always, keep a cool head. His original home is Spair, the crater city and birthplace of the first wolf.

Mercutio (Mer-que-shee-oh)
Mercutio is a nice guy who fled from his home to avoid the Ifrit draft. He has been a member of Marias ever since.

Golem Characters

Brond (Brawnd)
Brond is one of the few Golems that can be seen outside of the Rustlands. He works with the northern General in the Undine military, Latu Torz and has developed a friendship with his daughter.

Brond does not like the Undine military nor does he care for their tactics and how they treat people, however in the case of the Golems, they had to choose a side between the Undine and the Ifrit, and they simply choose the lesser of the two evils. Brond has a kind heart, but all are shocked when they see him on the battlefield and few are comfortable in his presence afterwards.

Quation Characters

Ricket (Rick-et)
Ricket is a Quation, a race of amphibious people who were once enslaved by the undine. Even though their race has been deemed free and is no longer property to be owned, they are still treated as such and are still ‘employed’ for the undesirable jobs such as cleaning, cooking, and serving.

Ricket is a close friend of Elana and Brond, and he has a small pet dubbed ‘Gwi’. He is meek, and kind, and would be lost without Elana to watch out for him.

Mantiklethian Characters

Phobos (Foe-bose)
Phobos is a Mantikleth, a race of insect like beings from a dark underground forest. Some believe them to be very distantly related to the Khul. Phobos is a skilled swordsman and archer and travels with Marias’ troop as a bodyguard and friend.

The Three Muses

Shilreth (Shil-reth)
You know when someone has written on a page, and they make a mistake, so then they try to erase the text but it only smears and remains, only half legible. Well, the Book of the World is no different. And when Shilreth was written into it, they attempted to erase him afterwards, realizing their mistake. But he only smudged, and remained there forever.

Animal Characters

Marias (Mah-rye-ehss)
Marias is an atamus snail who also doubles as a home for a crew of traveling gypsies. They have constructed several buildings on his shell and use him as a mode of travel from city to city. They get a free ride, and in return, Marias gets all the protection he needs. Marias is the largest atamas snail ever recorded.

Hoice (Hoyce)
Hoice once belonged to Mr. Calmbler as a guard dog, however when Rook, Capp, and Japser stole the pot given to him by the emperor, Hoice chased Rook and friends back to their home. He's been running with them ever since and has especially developed a bond with Capp.

Gwi (Gweee)
Gwi is Ricket's companion and the two are rarely seen apart. He is a water sprite, and his true home lies beneath the cool running water of any creek or stream. It is very common for Quations to have water sprites as pets.