The Two

The Two are the parents of The Five. They gave birth to the child-gods responsible for creating Aegis. Little is known or written about them as their stories were not dictated to the inhabitants of the world.

The Five

The Five are the child-gods of The Two. Once born they were asked to create a world together by their parents.


Creating a world is often the first test of a god or goddess to see if they will be allowed a permanent position in existence. First they must work together to create a single world before they are allowed to create their own. The Five were the gods responsible for the creation of Aegis.

Sometimes called the four by denizens of the Realm of Flame as the denizens of flame from the very beginning didn’t believe Miyo ever really existed. Since the gods do not define their existence physically, there is no material proof to the people of Aegis that any of them exist. They believe in the gods based solely on their faith.

Enyo: God of Fire

Enyo was the first born, and the only god of The Five to betray The Two. While his brother and sisters slumbered he crept into the chamber where The Book of the World was kept, and altered the text so that his domain would be supreme. Normally a god would have been unwritten for such a sin, but The Two could not banish one of their own children, and he was simply exiled for his actions.

His only part in the creation of Aegis was the forging of the center, the very core of the world itself. He later altered the very world's words and closed the book, forever sealing it.

Orr: God of Material

Orr was the second born of the five children-gods. When The Two had created Enyo, they quickly realized how rash and fierce he was. Even as a young god he was already very powerful and lusted for his own world. Without proper guidance and balance they would have had to unwrite Enyo, for a god so hungry so young almost always ends in a catastrophe. Regardless of that fact, when the time came they could not end his life.

Orr was given existence with just that in mind. He is strong minded, plans things well, and is said to be responsible for all of the mysteries in Aegis. When something works, and the people do not know why, they thank Orr. He created the ground, the minerals, he is the reason things fall back to Aegis instead of floating away into the black. He is said to have created everything required for a world to survive and is personally responsible for all the miracles of the world.

Enyo was very jealous of Orr, and even though they were best friends and brothers, he often believed Orr to have been favored by The Two. Once Enyo altered the text of the world Orr could no longer hear his voice and they forever became enemies.

Miyo: Goddess of Nature

Miyo was born from real love, and not planned as her brothers were. She was sudden and without warning, The Two did not expect her creation. She was often abused by Enyo as she became, this resulted in her growing apart from the other gods in an attempt to distance herself from the abuse. Her thoughts were her own, and she did not share them with any. When Orr finished his land she created life to enjoy the world. Plants, and animals, and light, and dark.

She created all of the things that live in the world. This was her sole purpose, and she grew to love all of her creations. But when Enyo altered the book, and created war on the face of Aegis, she was said to have gone insane. She did not fully understand war and death, and when her children died in battle, she fled from existence turning her back on everything. Her tears still dot the sky and it is said if a person could sail far enough into the black, following the shimmering white dots, they would find her in a swirling blue pool of tears as large as time.

Once she left, the beings of Aegis changed. Animals began to hunt each other, people began to have evil motives, and the world began to slowly change and adapt on it’s own without guidance. Long even after the book was closed.

Lene: Goddess of Thought and Function

The fourth child of the two, Lene is the goddess of thought and function. She created math, mechanics, time, movement, inspiration, and motive. She gave Aegis the ability to turn in the great darkness while hanging from a silver string attached to the cosmos. She then gave the living the ability to think and love. And gave the dead a place to rest.

It is said she concentrated on a single part of Aegis in her spare time, working away in her workshop and writing without rest in The Book of the World. She created a section of the land defined by its own rules. It was supposedly the only part of Aegis that defied the very rules created by the other gods. This alone shows the intelligence and the inquisitive nature of Lene.

When Enyo changed the world, he wrote over the hard work she had privately done, and the only thing left of her personal creations are now called The Rustlands and the few Golem inhabitants that still dwell there. The Rustlands are a desert of rust and bits of decaying iron. Nothing that breaths can survive in the Rustlands for long without, the very air is polluted with bits of metal carried on the violent winds. The Golems are the only ones who seem to be resiliant to the land.

Erva: Goddess of Completion

Erva was created by The Two to polish and finish Aegis. She was the fifth born and the last of The Five to exist. She added all of the fine details to complete the world, she added color, water, the clouds, air, both moons, the ability to feel, everything to let Aegis be a comfortable and enjoyable place to exist. She was sadly not fully finished with her work when Enyo closed the book. She has ever since been enemies with him. She was also the one most hurt when Miyo vanished and many believe at night you can see her streak across the darkness in a bright light, searching for her sister.