Hey folks. Thanks for checking out my archive here. I’m no pixel expert. I don’t know the first thing about making good pixel art in fact, but I do love doing this type of art for fun. And lots of small game developers ask me for my resources all the time so I can’t be all bad. I thought I’d post them up here for all to use. But you guys have to promise, which I know I can’t make you do, to give me credit. Please, bring more hits to this site for me. If my name gets out there, I might can do more of these. And if I get more traffic here, my ads will do better, and I'll be able to make more free sprites. I’ll always provide my sprites for free, and maybe later I’ll be able to take requests. But for now, I’ll just post them as I do them. All I ask, is for credit, and for them not to be used commercially, please .Thanks.