The Ifrit
Diet: Omnivore

The Ifrit are the dominant race of Aegis at the peak of their empire controlling 80% of the world. For the most part they are generally very war-like while also being skilled politicians. Their male to female ratios is usually 60/40 and they use precious metals and gems as currency. More info about them can be found at the pages listed below.

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Diet: None

The Golems are often considered the strangest beings to walk Aegis. They, unlike so many of the other occupants of the world, are not organic and are powered by nothing more than their own spirit. It is difficult for ‘organics’ to understand and many of the Golems themselves have trouble explaining their existence.

They were to have a glorious city of wonders and magic to inhabit, but when Enyo rewrote the world their lands fell. They are blessed by their goddess Lene and understand how to repair their own, making them almost immortal. Unfortunately because of the unwritting of their city, there are very few Golems left and the Rustlands are nearly uninhabitable.

The Undine
Diet: Omnivore

The Jinn of water, also called Undine, are generally nature-loving people that know how to work the land without depleting it. Blessed by Erva they are close to their homelands and are excellent farmers and craftsmen. However in the past years of conflict and war, they have also become very proficient warriors and many of their more passive skills are slowly dying away. With each passing decade they become more ruthless combatants and some fear they may one day forget all they once knew.

Diet: Omnivore

The Gnomes are a strong and reclusive people who love both the solid ground beneath their feet and the precious ore that they have mastered working. They are small in stature but strong in spirit and will. They are in a constant war with both the Ifrit and the Khul but somehow manage to keep on going regardless of the overwhelming odds against them. More can be learned about them in the following pages.

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The Dryads
Diet: Omnivore

The Dryads for the most part are a mystery, and many believe they may no longer even walk the world.

The Khul
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Subterranean

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The Khul are a dark and mysterious race that naturally evolved in isolation deep beneath the Realms of Aegis. They have grown into a clever and cruel race without the influence of the elements of creation to sway their ways. Little is known about the Khul for rarely do their victims escape and when they do they are often too afraid or traumatized to talk about it.

The Gnome people have been in a constant war with the Khul since before their recorded history with neither side gaining much ground at any one time. When the Ifrit destroyed the gnomish city of Eighorn they left it empty save for the gnomish skeletons. It is said the underground city is now filled with Khul, pleased with their new expansion.