Here is where you can find answers to some of the questions you may have.



Q: Why is Ni's head so small, but he is so intelligent? Wouldn't his brain be bigger?
A: Ni is a superior being to many others, humans included. At least as far as his brain is concerned. His brain is tightly knit, and simply put, more efficient.

Q: Why are so many of your races humanoid and anatomically similar to one another?
A: Many of the humanoid races come from similar environments and have a common link in their evolutionary ladder.

Q: What's with all this "Teloric" stuff?
A: In the space that most of the story takes place in, the dominant race are Telorians. They control trade, which means they control most everything. Everyone else has just adjusted.

Q: Can I link you?
A: Are you kidding? Please link us! We hope to set up a link exchange program in the future. For now we can't really return the favor however we do appreciate it more than you can imagine. We thank you who help us be seen. Oh, banners? Yeah, right here. =D