~ The World of Aegis - Thursday, January 31, 2008 -
The world of Aegis was created by two gods for their five offspring. The children were to build on the face of this barren planet to usher themselves into god-hood. Each of the children were associated with an element of Aegis: metal, water, wood, flame, and stone. They each created a race of Jinn, imbuing them with the strengths of their respective elements and the abilities to survive in their own realm on Aegis. The child-god of flame was devious and hungry as fire, and while his siblings slept he stole into the chamber of the Book of the World and altered the text so that his domain would be the most powerful throughout history.

Thus, the Realms were divided in war. The Jinn of flame, often called Ifrit, powerful and ambitious as their creator, sought to conquer all of Aegis. The world was nearly consumed in their fire.

Now, only a small refuge remains to the others, and it is held by the Jinn of metal, stone, and water, who have allied against the Jinn of flame. The Jinn of metal, who are also called Golems and hail from the Rust Lands, are few, but due to their repairable nature, they are nearly immortal. They are resilient warriors, silent and resourceful. The Jinn of water, or Undine, are devious schemers and the most ambitious and numerous next to the Jinn of flame. The Jinn of stone, also called Gnomes, live alone in caves. They reside in their caves, reclusive in nature, only venturing out to help the other races when they can. They value protecting their homelands over all else and rarely leave their own mountains. The Jinn of wood, or Dryads, are a mystery. None have been seen in many years, and it is rumored that they may no longer live on Aegis.

The story of Aegis is a story of conflict.